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Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better you practice yoga, brighter the flame.
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Student Testimonials
Pregnancy Yoga
The practice of yoga helps you to prepare your mind and body for labor and birth as this helps you to focus, concentrate and keep you healthy. Certain Yoga Postures are gentle ways of keeping your body active and supple, it minimizes the common Pregnancy Symptoms like morning sickness, general sickness and constipation. It also help in ensuring easier labor and smooth delivery by relieving tension.
  Reason for joining: Weight loss

Achievements: Too many benefits to mention. Right from losing all my pregnancy weight (around 20-22 kgs) after both my deliveries, to learning about yoga & life. Helped me maintain a good posture. Reduce stress levels whenever it was high and many other positives. Mona is too good as a Teacher, a friend & very helpful too.     

Power Yoga
  Reason for joining: Weight loss

Achievements: What 1 year of gym couldn't do, 3 months of power yoga did it for me and I am so happy about it...

It feels great when old clothes suddenly start fitting u....
I am losing weight n thanks to u for that     

  Reason for joining: migraine
  Achievements: Helped me to remain fit with the power yoga class and helped to reduce the frequency of my migraines with meditation. Yoga with Mona Miss has become a necessity like good and wealth.     
  Joined since 2 months. Feel energetic & calm after evening session. Each session has a different mix of exercise - asanas - pranayama which keeps you constantly challenged.    
  Achievements: I has a wonderful experience here. Not only was I able to control my weight but also become more patient and calm The power yoga session was a perfect balance of cardio and pranayama and regular yoga was brilliant for strengthening.

All in all it was an excellent experience.    
  Reason for joining: Stress, Lower back
  Achievements: Relaxed, great breathing exercises. I liked the personal attention. I liked the twisting poses.    
  Reason for joining: Stuttering, Stress, Ovrweight
  Achievements: The yoga has helped me relax my body and mind considerably. My speech has improved a lot. My mind and body both are relaxed and muscle tissue all have become flexible. All thatís to Mona Mam.    
  She has been teaching yoga to my family. She is very strict with her timing. My wife and kids are really enjoying doing yoga with her. My children has done a variety of yoga asanas with her over a period of past 4 years and all have benefited a lot.
  All her classes are well planned out. My wife is having thyroid problem and her weight has increased. This is challenge with mona miss took and now she is already shown improvement lost few kilos in one month. My family is very satisfied with doing yoga with mona.    
  Reason for joining: Maintaining Health
  Achievements: Practicing at Swayum Yoga has benefited me in many ways. Entire body remains fully charged and do not feel tired & fatigue. Even mind remains cool & calm. Instructor is well knowledged about the Yoga science & introduces lots of variations in Asanas & Pranayum on regular basis so that students do not feel boredom or monotony on account of repetition. Thanks a lot Swayum Yoga to look after and helping us in maintaining well being of our health.    
  I was down with bed rest for almost three months with slip disc. Physiotherapy had helped but it had not given me the flexibility to go back to rigorous exercise.... that's when Mona came in and with her persistent belief in yoga she got me back to my normal healthy life!! Mona has also helped me recently with my knee ligament stretch I am fine now thanks to her!! The best things about Mona is her passion for this Art and her dedication with which she tries every time to get you out of pain!!    
  Hi .. When it comes to exercise I was the most laziest person ever seen .. One somebody suggested me to do yoga for weight loss .. And I got intrigued. So I decided to search for a yoga teacher on net .. My friends warned me saying mostly people are fraud on net but still I continued searching and I got Mona mam's contact.. I took a chance and called mam .. After my 1st session, I got along with mam soo well that she became not only a yoga guru but a mother or elder sister figure for me .. As far as my exercises are concerned sometimes mam was strict too when needed and also it was fun to perform yoga with her ! After taking mam's yoga session I started feeling fresh and beautiful not only bodily or facially but from within too ! In short I would say , mam is the best yoga teacher anyone could have got .. N I'm lucky and blessed to say that I got this opportunity to become Mona mam's Student!    
  Reason for joining: Suffer from Insomnia, Anxiety & Stress, Sinus problem
  Achievements: Mind relaxed, feeling less stressed, good sleep.   
  Reason for joining: Sleep disorder (Insomnia), Stress, weight reduction
  Achievements: Mona has helped me to improve my Breathing and reduce stress. Weight has also reduced. I feel fresh and energetic full day, Thereby Improving my capacity to work. Overall health problems have reduced to a great extent.    
  Reason for joining: Weak lower back, Allergic Rhinitis, Sensitive in Nature
  Achievements: Keeps me calm. Keeps my body flexible.
Helped in my cold / cough. Improved my immunity. Lower back problem Vanished. Keeps my face glowing
Keeps me active, Feels energetic    
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